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Can you explain more about how bad credit loans work?

We understand that in today’s tough world, many consumers can quickly end up with a bad credit score. The question is what to do if you have a bad credit rating but you need a fast loan. A conventional bank will not look favorably on such a request, but at Blaze Payday Loans, we work with lenders who will welcome your request. Without embarrassing questions or restrictions on how to use the money, they can quickly review your request and give a fast acceptance decision. If your request is accepted, you will get an offer you can sign to get the fast funds you need. Our role in all of this is to help you find a lender.

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are simply a quick and easy way for consumers with a bad credit status to get a fast loan. They are online loans that you can request by accessing the website at Blaze Payday Loans. When we receive your form, we’ll be happy to try to form a bridge between you and a trusted lender in our network.

If I already have a bad credit loan but I need a bit more cash, can I ask for another one?

This is a question for your lender. Different lenders have their own steps regarding additional loans, as well as the state where you live. States sometimes have their own regulations regarding bad credit loans.

Is a refinance of a bad credit loan possible?

Different lenders have varying systems regarding a refinance. While it is possible your lender is willing to refinance your bad credit loan, the only way of finding out is by asking. Your lender will provide you with the complete details regarding a refinance.

Do I need to provide specific documents when I get a bad credit loan?

Yes, there are a few documents you should have ready when you request a bad credit loan. The most common forms of documentation required are a government issued ID, such as a state ID, an active bank account, a valid email address and proof of income. If anything else is needed to process your request, your lender will contact you.

How will I send in my loan payments?

Lenders vary in their options for sending in the monthly payments, but typically they either require an automated withdrawal from your bank account or a cash payment at a local store. With an automatic payment system, you don’t need to worry about dates or sending in payments. Your lender will let you know which method is preferred.

What will happen if I miss a loan payment?

Missing a payment isn’t great, but the best way to take care of it is to reach out to your lender as quickly as possible. Work with your lender to find a solution to make up for the missing payment. This should be done right away! As well as the missing payment, you should expect to pay a penalty or late fee.

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